Why LymeLight?

It’s all about you…

Your website is like a home. Make sure your home is built to be solid and functional from the ground up, put in all the right furnishings to make it uniquely suited to your personality and taste, and make it warm and inviting for others, and you’ll live without regrets for many years to come.

Make sure your website is developed with solid functionality, interactivity and security, find a design that makes your heart skip a beat, and make it a place for others to bask in the brilliance that is you… Now you’re talking. And that’s what it’s like to work with LymeLight.

The LymeLight blog that you see the moment you visit our site is there for you.  Things that are of interest to you and things that you should know as a business owner and as a website owner are researched in detail to bring you the most up-to-date information.

We’ll take the time to find what is at the root of your business and to make your website perfect. Analyzing your current challenges, looking at where you want to be in the years to come, and finding out what makes you tick are all things that need to be taken into consideration. We’ll help you assess:

  • - What mood you’d like your customers to feel when visiting your site
  • - How your potential customers will navigate your site and how they’ll end up where you want them (contacting or buying from you!)
  • - How your website can become an integral part of your marketing plan
  • - Your plan for growth to help improve your Return on Investment
  • - The best presentation of you and your products, services and ideas to your potential customers

We understand your needs because we’ve been there.  ”Free” solutions aren’t really free, and the huge chains are trying to pay for their fancy offices.  LymeLight is the perfect mix of expertise in new technologies, combined with the ability to be there for you.  You feel confident and at ease.

Our commitment to fresh ideas and new technology is signified in our name and imagery.  The fresh, green ‘lyme’ represents vision, youth, “the new”…  It’s all about what is best for today and tomorrow.

You don’t want to grow old or stagnate, nor do you want your website to make you look dated.

Too many designers and developers don’t understand the importance of keeping up. This isn’t your grandmother’s internet, and we get that. We keep a finger on what’s going on in the rapidly changing world of technology, and we make it easy for you to understand so that you’re always in-the-loop.

The company blog was also developed with you in mind.  Since you can trust that we really do know what you’re going through and what you need (and that we know what we’re doing) by hearing our voice, you can trust that we’ll help you deliver your voice as music to your customers’ ears.

Expertise.  Trust.  Compassion.  And a kind of fresh that makes you say “ahhhh.”  These are the things that set LymeLight apart from other web designers and developers.