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Even after you turn in for the night,
your website could be making you money -

Your Website Could Be...

Bringing in Customers

Whether they find you through search engines, social media, networking events, or anywhere else, your website can be a catch-all for prospects.

Integrating Business

Existing programs, systems, and processes can hook into your website to automate marketing, sales, onboarding, communication, referrals, etc.


You can't communicate with everyone at a time, but you can still have an omnipresence with a website that does your talking and teaching for you.

Guiding to Sales

Guide visitors toward sales with strategic site navigation, layout, and content. Your website can work with you to meet goals as quickly as possible.

Running 24/7

With 99.99% guaranteed uptime on our servers, your business is never homeless. While most of your employees need breaks, this one doesn't.

And Looking Good!

Because people make judgments about your company as soon as they see your website.

Some of Our Work

What Makes LymeLight Different

A "Big Picture" View

You're business isn't running in a vacuum, so your website shouldn't either. LymeLight websites aren't just beautiful–they power businesses and connections.

Completely Custom

Your site is specific to your business with all of the flexibility and functionality it needs, without the bloat of pre-packaged designs.

Quality Guaranteed

No other website development agency of this caliber offers the 30-day and 2-year guarantees that LymeLight offers.

You Need a Powerful Website. Your Website Needs LymeLight.

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